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Need help with MICRON INFOCOM. Submit a support ticket by filling out the form below. A MICRON INFOCOM representative will be in touch via email.

Note:- Ticket submissions from the MICRON OnTrack Portal provide a better response time and SLA compliance because it gives MICRON INFOCOM additional information about your account. This form should be used only if you cannot reach the MICRON Ontrack portal.

Another way to contact us for help related to your account, stores, reporting, or technical issues is to email This method may be ideal if you are unable to log on to the MICRON OnTrack Portal. Messages sent to go into the same support queue as tickets submitted via the support portal. In some cases, we may not be able to respond to email messages as quickly or efficiently as we would for tickets submitted via the support portal. However, we strive to answer all tickets in the order in which we received them, regardless of which method you use to contact us.